Don't Let Raccoons Run Rampant

Don't Let Raccoons Run Rampant

Schedule raccoon removal services in Asheville, NC, Charleston, SC or Meggett, SC

Are raccoons wreaking havoc in your attic? Are they keeping you awake at night, damging your insulation, and tearing at your duct work? 

Call on Feather Fighters, LLC for raccoon control services in the Meggett, SC, Charleston, SC or Asheville, NC areas. Our experts trap and remove raccoons from your property humanely. In addition, we will completely animal proof the structure, identify any damage caused by the raccoons, and recommend appropriate repairs. These recommendations will consist of a complete exterior seal up, odor remediation to remove attractants and health hazards, and insulation services if needed.

Call 843-568-1249 now to arrange for raccoon removal services. We can rid your residential or commercial property of raccoons and keep them out.

See why you should get rid of raccoons right away

Feather Fighters offers raccoon control services in Asheville, NC, Charleston, SC and Meggett, SC. You should have raccoons removed ASAP because:

  • They can damage your insulation, duct work and electrical wiring
  • High chance of health hazards from raccoon feces and urine
  • Possible exposure to humans or domestic animals can be very dangerous due to high incidences of rabies from raccoon population

Contact us today to arrange for raccoon removal and exclusion services.