Get Rid of Unwanted Nuisance Birds

Go with us for commercial bird control in Asheville, NC, Meggett, SC and Charleston, SC

We have a wide range of nuisance bird species throughout Meggett, SC, Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC and the surrounding region. Unfortunately, thee pigeons, buzzards, turkey vultures, woodpeckers, geese, starlings and wrens can cause a lot of issues for business owners. Feather Fighters, LLC is here to help you fight back.

We offer commercial bird control throughout the local region, helping you take back your property from nuisance birds. From bird physical bird deterrents & visual bird detterentsĀ to bird dropping cleanup and beyond, our crew offers the help you need to take care of your property.

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2 years as Feather Fighters, LLC and 15 years of experience in wildlife control and bird exclusion.

  • NWCOA Certified Wildlife Control Operator
  • NWCOA Certified Advanced Wildlife Control Operator
  • NWCOA Structural bird management certified
  • NWCOA Goose Management Professional
  • NWCOA Certified Structural Bat Management Professional
  • NWCOA Bat standards certified Part 1
  • NWCOA Advanced Bat Standards certified Part 2
  • Guest presenter at NWCOA yearly national convention in Las Vegas in 2017.
  • Bird Barrier certified installer
  • Bird -X certified installer

N.W.C.O.A - National Wildlife Control Operators Association

Serving North and South Carolina

With offices in Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC we are able to provide solutions for almost any nuisance bird issue there is. Birds nesting and loafing under your loading docks, awnings, on building facades, roofs, and in trees can cause dangerous situations. From lung diseases, slip and fall hazards, damages to products and equipment bird feces can be a huge problem to businesses and homeowners.

For over 15 years, Feather Fighters has performed bird control service throughout the Carolinas. From Asheville, NC to Charleston, SC, Meggett, SC and beyond, we're your go-to team for getting rid of birds around your business. You can count on us for a complete job and an affordable price.

Speak with us today to begin on ridding your property of nuisance birds with physical bird deterrents or more. We're certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association for bird remediation and management.