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Wildlife Removal Experts – What to look for

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Wildlife removal is not something people give a lot of thought to. Most people have never had rats, squirrels, bats or other wildlife in or around their home or business.  However, if the occasion arises that you do need to hire a wildlife removal company, there are some important things you should look for and questions you should ask.

         First, when you search for a wildlife removal company online, realize that the first 3-4 listings are ads.  They will have “ad” before the descriptions and company information.  These wildlife companies have paid for the right to be the first ones listed so that hopefully you will click on them and not go further down the page or onto consecutive pages.  This doesn’t mean that they are the best wildlife removal companies in the Charleston, SC area, it just means they have a large marketing budget.  Often that means that you are seeing large national corporations, franchises, or out of town/state owned wildlife companies.  If you want to ensure that you are using a locally owned business with a good reputation, look further down the first page of listings and don’t be afraid to go to pages 2 and 3.  Just because some of us smaller wildlife companies don’t appear on page 1 doesn’t mean we aren’t great wildlife operators, with solid reputations.  It just means that our pockets aren’t deep, and we aren’t spending as much money with these search engines so naturally we don’t fit the algorithms and don’t rank as high as some of these large wildlife removal companies.  A locally owned company, that isn’t operating in other states, is going to work hard to solve your rat, bat, squirrel or bird problem quickly and cost effectively since they are making their living from their reputation and referrals from local clients.

          Second, Narrow your search down to one or two wildlife removal companies that look legitimate, have good online reviews, and a few years of local business under their belt.  If you’ve never had to hire a wildlife control operator to remove rats, bats, squirrels or other wildlife, you may be confused about what to listen for when making an initial call.  A company that is only interested in getting you booked for an appointment and doesn’t ask questions about what your particular wildlife problem is, might not be a great fit.  They are working on volume of calls run per day which isn’t going to get you much individual time and attention.  A solid operator/technician/trained call center is going to ask you questions like: “what time of day or night are you hearing the animal activity?” “How long has this been going on?” “Does it sound like the animal noises are coming from the ceiling or floor?”  “Does it sound like rats or squirrels scratching, chewing or running, or does it sound like bats or birds chirping?”  The questions that Feather Fighters Wildlife Removal asks on the initial phone call usually help us determine what wildlife is causing the problem.  The questions a wildlife removal company asks and the feedback they give to your answers will quickly give you an idea of their knowledge about animal behavior and professionalism when dealing with clients.  

          Third, ALWAYS ask about licenses and insurances.  Simply asking if the company can supply a W-9 and COIs for liability and workers comp insurances can save you a lot of headaches.  A W-9 at least shows that your wildlife control operator has a legit business and is registered with the state and not a fly by night, off the books, animal trapper that might disappear with your money.  Many residential clients never ask about my insurance coverage.  This is amazing to me since if I fall off your roof or step through your attic ceiling while chasing a rat or squirrel or cut a line or pipe while doing repairs to keep bats out you could get left holding the bill for those repairs, my medical bills or more.  Pretty scary right?  These questions could save you more than you imagine.  If you are comfortable after the questions are answered, go ahead and make a time for that wildlife removal company to come do their assessment.
The wildlife removal technician should do a detailed assessment.  They should inspect the attic and crawlspace if you have one and go on the roof if able. The wildlife control operator should identify all current and potential entry points and what specie(s) of animal(s) need to be trapped, i.e., rats, squirrels, bats or raccoons.  Then he/she will write up their recommendations.  The assessment should be detailed and should spell out exactly what the plan of attack will be.  What wildlife is being trapped, where will traps be placed and for how long?  What are the exact areas to be repaired?  What, if any odor remediation needs to be done and where?  If insulation services or vapor barrier replacement is suggested, pictures of damages should be provided. 

Now you should have gotten an education about what your wildlife issue is, what damage is being caused and what the process will be for solving it.  If you feel that you did then hire your wildlife control operator and start solving your wildlife problem.  If you don’t feel like you found the right fit, get a second opinion.

Feather Fighters Wildlife Removal hopes that this helps you get a quick and satisfactory resolution to your wildlife issue.  If you are in Charleston, SC or the surrounding area please give us a call or click here to learn more.

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