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A Rodent Problem in the lowcountry

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If you live in or around the Charleston area, then you probably know someone who has had a rodent problem in their attic, crawlspace, walls or place of business.  Chances are a lot more of your friends and family have had a rat problem than you know. This is because folks can get embarrassed about these and the fact of the matter is they shouldn’t be. 

Living in the Lowcountry comes with the fact that we have a large Norway brown rat and Black rat population that is growing larger every day. Most of the area at sea level and we are a large port city.  Do you know what that means for residents and business owners? Every time it rains, floods or there is a King Tide, rats are forced out of the sewers and drainage areas to seek safe shelter. In addition, we have cargo ships arriving around the clock with their own stow away rats.  These situations, along with the fact that adult female rats reproduce up to six times a year, illustrate that the rats are not going extinct any time soon. Rats have many natural predators including birds of prey, raccoons, and opossums, but they reproduce so quickly it doesn’t put a dent in their population. 

A popular misconception is that rats only go to homes or businesses that are unsanitary and unkempt.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Although cleanliness and upkeep of home and yard is important, the fact is that rats want a safe place to nest and reproduce. Attics and crawlspaces are ideal for that.  Over my almost 20 years as a wildlife control operator, I can’t count the number of times I have had a client whisper to me “I swear I’m neat and I keep my kitchen and home clean.”  “Why do I have a rodent problem?”  I always respond the same way, “the rats don’t care, and why are we whispering?!”  I have addressed rat problems in trailer parks, the nicest houses South of Broad and everything in between.  The rats don’t care what your earning power or your zip code is, they are just trying to stay alive.  

With all my experience I firmly believe that EVERY home and business in the Lowcountry has had, will have, or does have a rodent problem.  That’s what it is to live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country.  Sounds like doom and gloom, right?  It’s not! You don’t have to just roll over and live with your rodent problem. 

Here are some tips to keep rodents away: 

1. Don’t put bird feeders or food up close to your home

2. Don’t let your yard get overgrown, and keep bushes and trees trimmed 6’-8’ away from your rooflines 

3. Don’t leave pet food out at night, and never leave garbage out if it’s not in a sealed container.  

If you do all the above and still end up with a rat issue, have no fear because Feather Fighters Wildlife Removal is here!  We have years and years of experience solving even the most challenging rodent problems for residential and commercial clients alike.  The best advice I can give is don’t ignore the problem!  

If you live in the Lowcountry of Charleston and you fear you might have a rodent problem, or you want to avoid it by getting your structure rodent proofed, call us ASAP or learn more here. We will set up an assessment and start solving your rodent problem immediately.  If you live elsewhere, call a reputable, licensed and insured wildlife control operator today so you can sleep soundly again.