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Vulture Removal in Charleston, SC

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Vulture removal calls are becoming more and more common. To bird control specialists, the birds that are causing damage to the roofs, window seals, and soil vent boots of homes and businesses in Charleston, SC are vultures.  The two types we see in this area are the Turkey Vulture, and the Black Vulture. The Turkey Vulture is so named because of its resemblance to a turkey due to its red and naked head. The Black Vulture is completely black with just a patch of white on the underside of its wingtips. It is very common for bird control operators to see both species in Charleston, SC, and surrounding areas of the Lowcountry.

When Turkey Vultures, Black Vultures, or “buzzards”, need to warm up and want a good view of the surrounding Lowcountry, they sit on your roof peaks.  This is called loafing.  At night they roost in the tree lines but in the daytime vultures come out to warm up. Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures will go to a high peak to loaf since they want to view retention ponds, frontage roads and city/town waste disposal sites to find easy meals. Unfortunately, that high peak can be your roof!

As a bird control operator with almost 20 years of residential and commercial experience, I have seen extreme damage caused by urohidrosis. This is the act of defecating on their legs as a way to cool down. The Turkey Vulture and Black Vulture droppings are a combination of urine and stool and so when the liquids evaporate, the temperature of the birds’ legs drops significantly. Great for vultures and terrible for your roof. If the acid in the vultures’ droppings is so strong that it kills any bacteria left on the ground that came from the carcasses that the vultures were feeding on, what does it do to your roof?  As a bird control specialist, I’ve seen it soak through shingles and make the roof decking a sponge, causing thousands of dollars in damage that insurance won’t cover.

When Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures are loafing on your home or businesses’ roof, they are also causing damage from sharpening their beaks and talons.  They are constantly sharpening their beaks and talons, so they are sharp enough to compete for and shred the carcasses of roadkill as well as small vermin and rodents.  As a bird control specialist, I’ve seen extreme devastation to roofs from these behavior patterns.  On shingle roofs, Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures will strip roof peaks of the asphalt shingles while sharpening their talons.  This exposes the roof decking to rot, and the attic and surrounding structure to extreme water damage.  On a commercial flat poly roof, vultures will sharpen both their beaks and talons by clawing and pecking holes in the poly roof causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.  Bird control specialists all over North America see these types of damages from vultures.  
Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. That means that control efforts must be done nonlethally by harassment efforts and will take a trained bird control specialist to implement without breaking the law.

When you see Turkey Vultures and/or Black Vultures loafing on your roof, and you are wondering if they are doing any damage look for any of the following:

Fecal balls and feathers on your roof may indicate that vultures are loafing on your roof while you are at work, and you need a bird control specialists’ consultation.

Feathers in your yard and a distinct, unpleasant odor may indicate a Black vulture or Turkey Vulture problem

Chunks or pieces of shingle or plastic from ridge vents and roof boots in your yard or gutters are definite signs that vultures are causing damage that you need a bird control expert to address.

Avoid thousands of dollars in damage that insurance won’t cover when Turkey Vultures and Black Buzzards loaf on your roof.  Contact the bird control specialists at Feather Fighters Wildlife Removal immediately if you notice any of the above.  If you notice vultures on your neighbor’s roof, contact us before they come to your home or business.

Feather Fighters Wildlife Removal has a proven method to make sure the damage to your home or businesses roof stops immediately.  We have almost 20 years’ experience in bird control for Turkey and Black Vultures.  Bird spikes, visual deterrents, and noise deterrents are a waste of time and money in the bird control space when it comes to vultures.  Feather Fighters Wildlife Removal specializes in the installation of low-profile shock track, powered by solar powered batteries, to solve your nuisance Turkey Vulture or Black Vulture problem.  This is the only system in the bird control specialist’s world that will permanently solve your problem. The aesthetics are cleaner than all other options and 100% effective when done by the right bird control specialist.


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